1983 [GERMAN]

Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 9508

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 10 / 10

80 min. of genuine FEAR and DISTURBANCE.

I can honestly say I rarely felt so uncomfortable as when watching Gerald Kargl's masterpiece "Angst". Several friends on this website & forum have been recommending this gem to me since years already, but it's so damn obscure and difficult to come across. Now I can finally join the others and do my share of recommending this film to fellow horror fanatics, as it truly deserves to be known and worshiped! Watching "Angst" is very much unlike every cinematic experience you ever had before, as you can't possibly compare it with anything. John McNaughton's classic "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" probably comes the closest, but still "Angst" is at least ten times more grim, nihilistic, relentless and shocking. From the first second until the very last, Kargl's film displays the intense & harrowing confrontation with a maniacal killer and there isn't a single moment of humor or merciful fate for the killer's victims to be found throughout the entire playtime. "Angst" is a deeply unpleasant but indescribably fascinating descent into the darkest corners of the human mind and the fact that the whole script is based on true events only makes it all the more alarming. Erwin Leder magnificently depicts the nameless murderer and he's in every sequence, from the moment he's released from prison (for murdering his mother in the past) until his new killing spree comes to an abrupt end. The man doesn't even attempt to build up a new life, as murder is the only thing on his mind. Walking out of prison, he's already searching for new and potential victims to murder and you can tell it won't take much time before he finds them. After an unsuccessful attempt to strangle a female cab driver, he flees into the woods and eventually entrenches himself in a secluded villa where an elderly woman lives with her daughter and handicapped son. They form the ideally defenseless targets to still his inhumanly cruel and sick hunger for murderous power and the rest of the film is a non-stop series of cold-hearted and sadistic images, including blood-drenched mutilation and even post-mortem rape.

The character Erwin Leder portrays is an intriguing psychopath, to say the least. He doesn't speak much in the film, but there's a constant voice-over enlightening us about his thoughts and impressions. The killer is obsessed with fear. Hence the title, presumably. The opening monologue in the film explains how the last memory he has of his dying mother involved the fear in her eyes as he planted a knife in her chest. Since then, fear became his one and only motive to kill again. He wants everyone who crosses his path to fear him. This is also where the connection with real-life serial killer Werner Kniesek comes from. This deranged psycho was arrested in 1980, after savagely butchering three people in Salzburg; Austria. Kniesek later testified in court that he only did it because he got addicted to the reflection of genuine fear in his victims' eyes. Erwin Leder definitely succeeds in translating the killer's obsession with fear on the screen. He's a nervous and obviously disorientated person and you're expecting him to explode with rage at any given moment. Heck, even the way he devours an ordinary sausage is literally terrifying. The brilliance of "Angst" relies on the devoted work of only four people. Erwin Leder for his performance, naturally, and then Gerald Kargl (director), Zbigniew Rybszynski (cinematography) and Klaus Schulze. Kargl sacrificed a potentially great career in order to complete this film. After the release of "Angst", there wasn't a single company that dared to distribute it because they were afraid of censorship, resulting in an endless series of financial problems for the director. Kargl's vision & courage was far ahead of its time, but it cost it his own career. He can now only find comfort in the fact that his film inspired an entire next generation of horror filmmakers. Rybszynski's hectic filming style contributes a great deal to the disturbing and nightmarish atmosphere of "Angst". The film is stuffed with chaotic camera movements, extreme close-ups and creepy POV-shots. This experimental style makes it feel like a voyeuristic documentary and you're almost feeling guilty for staring at these people's misery without trying to help. Last but not least, there's the haunting musical score by Klaus Schulze. Even though the tunes sound typically 80's, they're petrifying and really ominous.

"Angst" is a shamefully obscure film, probably because the people who saw it upon its original release decided that it was better to ignore the brutally realistic depiction of our modern society. Hopefully the newly released DVD-edition will provide Gerald Kargl & C° with the honor, recognition and respect they already deserved more than 20 years ago.

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 10 / 10

Extremely brutal,disturbing and nihilistic serial killer film.

Gerald Kargl's "Angst" is one of the most depressing and disturbing serial killer movies ever made.It's loosely based on an actual crime case-in 1980 Werner Kniesek from Salzburg horrendously murdered three people.Later he told the judge "I just love it when women shiver in deadly fear because of me.It is like an addiction,which will never stop"."Angst" is often compared to John McNaughton's "Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer",but it's even more unsettling and hopeless.The film is shot with a strong use of high-angle shots and hand-held camera-work.It tells the story of disorganized serial killer,who is released from prison.First he tries to strangle the female taxi driver,but she manages to kick him out of the car and escapes.The killer flees through the forest until he reaches a huge villa,where the family of three lives.In the orgy of extreme violence he murders them.A disabled and mentally retarded son on wheelchair is slowly drowned in a bathtub in a truly agonizing sequence,a middle-aged mother is strangled in her bedroom and finally her adolescent daughter is stabbed to death with a bread-knife.The killer viciously mutilates her corpse and rapes her post-mortem.All of this is shown in unflinching detail that made me squirm."Angst" is a hauntingly realistic portrayal of disorganized serial killer on the loose.This disturbed guy is a serious threat to every human being crossing his path.Erwin Leder as the killer is incredibly convincing.The murder sequences are so savage and shocking that you'll need an iron stomach to watch them.The camera work by Zbigniew Rybczynski is simply stunning and the film looks like semi-documentary."Angst" is easily one of the most gut-wrenching serial killer flicks I have ever seen.It makes "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Seven" look like kindergarten stuff.Highly recommended,but not for the easily disturbed.10 out of 10.

Reviewed by CMRKeyboadist 10 / 10

The Best in its Genre

I have always been a fan of the genre of serial killer movies. Not to get confused with slasher flicks because the serial killer movies are usually sophisticated with a realistic feel to them, causing an unnerving and disturbing feel. Not to take away from the slasher because there is fun in those movies. Angst is the best of the serial killer movies, in my personal opinion. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer is marvelous and Amoklauf is also a great film, but as far as putting you right in the serial killers mind, this movie does the best and it is very frightening.

The story starts with the lead character (basically the only lead character) walking up to a house. He knocks on the door and when the door opens he murders the person who answers with a hand gun. After being in jail for 10 years he is released. Upon his release he instantly gets started again murdering a mother and her grown children. One of which a retarded man in a wheelchair.

The storyline may seem simple but in no means is the character simple. After he murders the person at the beginning of the movie we are shown events in documentary form leading up to the murder and him going into jail. So we become familiar with the character. But being familiar with the character and suddenly being put in the characters shoes are two different things.

The whole movie when he is released from jail is narrated by the killer, almost like he is thinking and we can hear his thoughts. When he goes into a restaurant and sits down at the table he starts getting uncomfortable after watching two young woman sitting at the bar. He starts thinking of sick things to do to them and as a result gets the feeling that everyone in the restaurant is watching him. So right away we, as the audience, get this uncomfortable feeling as well and we are also introduced to how paranoid the character is. Much of the movie is like this.

The moments in which he is murdering the family is almost unbearable and rather disturbing. I don't want to give to much away but be prepared to be disturbed. It's not the violent nature in which he kills these people it's almost the inevitable lead up to it.

Well, I hope this review helps. This is a very difficult film to find so good luck in the search. Sources from IMDb tell me that this will be released in the states eventually. If you find it before then... enjoy. 10/10

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